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Hankhell shovels again in the hells - a hero is needed to cool the rebound

The evil has returned remastered new edition of the Whirlpool and the grim shadow of the form of Diablo-demon is again threatening Sanctuary fantasy world of humanity. Diablo II Resurrected place of signing the remaining opening Diablo sequel to the game.

The flash is available to all who need them.

Slide the heroes available

The choice is for all tastes, a total of seven in the form of a hero. For reviews ended the familiar sorceress in which I tahkonnut through the first and third series of the Diablo several times. All in all, there are seven characters, from a purely brutal fighters in the nearby remote attacks that relies on the characters or their remixed versions of.

A comparison of each character s abilities are played in a nice variety, at least on the basis of what the team will be playing and using the experiences of other adventurers. At best, Diablo II: Resurrectedia can play with up to eight players in a shared experience, which is both good and bad sides. All objects fallen on the ground belong to the fact that it has no trouble collecting the first. On the positive side the money accumulate in the bottom of the pocket when you pass them automatically.

If the case happens to the ranks of having even one greedy and kleptomaanisia character traits, it is wisest to keep a loose enough to trade the menu in order to get the most valuable possession of lootit at the right moment. Fortunately, the matter is not familiar with friends not always been this way, and at best buddies can get into your character or exclusive benefit of redundant objects. In addition, the group is, of course, the power of a pinch, even if the monsters danger is rising exponentially relative to the number player.

Lempiloitsuni: the flames are drawn on the ground, that efficiently burn all the runners behind.

This review provides KonsoliIFIN!

Freedom and balance Study

Diablo II: Resurrected to pull the strings in accordance with the real saga predecessors. The player has the freedom to choose the amount of their heads, while usually multi-part missions provide direction in a straight line progression. Sometimes it s still nice just let go, and watch the stuff slavishly task menu offered. The only factor slowing the pace is very limited inventory, which will force open the quick transfer of the portal quite often. The undersigned, this was the beginning of a tough piece, but the portal should break at least every five minutes if meinaisi really sell everything under the junk-npc characters, not great not worth the effort.

While adventuring feel a hint of slow, so the feeling of boredom is not conquered opinion at all. A thorough examination of the occasionally occurring enemy attack and, with experience, the ability to obtain the points gripped by the stretchable endless rubber band. Lighter creatures mowing acts as a prelude to stronger encounter, and battlefield figurative casing enemy s body gets almost a sense of power at the time. In short, the gameplay is not too much to praise. Here is an excellent example of one s own body, for example, transition to the boss room of their dens, which have fallen accessories do not have to stay in to mourn for a longer time.

The distance also boosts atmospheric sound side. If I had a chance, so firmly puristaisin music and hands of the persons responsible voting in favor. Whether it s an open area of ​​the world, gloomy dungeons and caverns this framework, a peaceful village or a jealous boss battle, so the sound world of constant thrills. None of the average background ionizing pieces I can not name, all rare tastefully selected. Side effects are also known for good at the very least a working level, excellent voice acting, not to mention. Jaan score also very tehdyille interval video, which render the story as it progresses.

One around more fun to do.

Addictive until the end, regardless of the substrate

Although I do not quite passed the päätarinaa of this writing, so I dare already claims Diablo II: Resurrectedin to be a very successful update about 20 years ago to version mirroring. It is true - as I stated in the preface, so once I got to experience this adventure and the view is completely fresh. Nostalgic reasons, playing the first 30 hours freimin resolution and better graphics, but the basis for comparison to an older, therefore, was not. It is recommended the settings be changed to performance mode and 60 freimiä looks so much better that it gives the game a fresh feel. This is unfortunately only the current generation of consoles and PC to found in the feature.

Many have experienced a classical good and evil battle-based game series PC, so I feel it appropriate to compare these with each other. In which console is easy, with the PC advantage is faster in the possibility of using the inventory and in strict situations as well as selecting the necessary objects. The shortcut selection of the objects in the accessory belt is conveniently programmed to the four pointers of the risband driver, on the PC, while the number keys 1-4. The so-called console selection has also been put in the ability to fill up with the R3 key. For some reason this is not mentioned in controls, but in a way it is suitable for the world of the game - it has a lot of mysticism.

Woofing a lot of goods. Personal stash does not much additional space sucks but fortunately

Goods can also be divided into Shared sections that are primarily for mercenary equipment.

intact improved scratches, without scar

Diablo II: Resurrectedin The initial was not easy. The hype around the game was guaranteed to be huge and this caused a few gray to the members of the Hair Development Team. The online gaming is available for the service, no bad day worked at all, and some players even lost their levels. With a few updates, everything has begun to work smoothly, even though a little wood is tired when I mentioned. So far, the only one of the northern subjects associated with queuing, as one evening I got in my box notification that I was ranked by queued at 112. I had to wait every 25 minutes to play, and no later arrived game chamber accepted through the VIP queue.

Due to the spoiler, I can not reveal the details, but I am very satisfied with the content so far and reverse. Although I have consumed spilled the first and third part, then this adventure leaves a very pleasing experience in the mind of cancer. You could hear the circle closed, so with the good one of the good mind to wait for the next part of Savanga. Strong recommendation for all lovers of adventure gambling, especially when the challenge increases the re-designs with the Nightmare and Hell levels. And the novelty is not spoiled at the price, as the basic version is released by 40 euros.


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