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Phasmophobia launches a new massive Nightmare update, the patch notes are revealed

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The FASMOFOBIA The Kinetic Games developer today launched a new massive update for the popular ghost hunting cooperative title. To date, this patch, which is known as NightMare Update, is probably one of the largest that the game has received and brings a series of new features that go along with many adjustments to the systems and mechanics that were already present in The fascofobia.

In general, the NightMare update in The Fasmofobia brings a handful of new key additions. Perhaps the most notable of them is a new map called Maple Lodge Campsite. This new place, as you can say by the name, takes place in a camp, which means you can search in tents and cabins that are near a haunted lake.

The other large adjustments to the fascofobia Here they involve updates to the difficulty of the game. All levels of title difficulty have now been redesigned to a certain extent, while a new nightmare difficulty has also been added. In addition, new weather patterns have also been added in this update, settings on the OUIJA board element and a series of new types of ghosts. If you are someone who has not played the fascofobia within a long time, this update is very worth going back to the game once more.

If you are still not playing the fascofobia, you can check it right now on your PC through Steam. On the contrary, you can find the full list of patch notes for the NightMare update below.

Camping Maple Lodge

A new medium-sized map with picnic areas, games, various tents, a log cabin and a haunted lake.

The Maple Lodge camping has more unique objects, greater density of objects and more visual details. Computers with minimum specifications should not have problems, but if you have outdated hardware, you may see FPS Falls Other locations will receive more details and other objects at a later date. In the future, other locations will receive a new truck minimap design to be consistent with the Maple Lodge camp.

Difficulty rework

All difficulties have received an important review. We hope that these changes make each difficulty feel more unique and give more options for players of all levels.

A percentage of doors will now start opening randomly depending on the difficulty. Amateur: Recommended for new ghost hunters! Prolonged preparation time Period of prolonged hunting grace Short duration of hunting The cordura pills restore a lot of sanity Retrieve half the value of your lost equipment if it dies Intermediate: The standard ghost hunting experience Average preparation time Period of average hunting grace Middle duration of hunting Cordura pills restore some sanity The fuse box begins Less places to hide Retrieve part of the value of your lost team if it dies

Nightmare Update! New Map, Ghosts, Difficulty  | Phasmophobia Professional: For experienced ghost hunters The ghost can rarely change your preferred room after moving. Without configuration time Period of short hunting grace Long duration of hunting Cordura pills restore little sanity The fuse box begins Many fewer hiding places

Difficulty of nightmare

A new difficulty for the best ghost hunters, designed to be a defiance mode for those looking for the most intense gameplay that Phasmophobia has to offer.

Ghosts will not reveal a kind of evidence The ghost sometimes will change your preferred room after moving.

Without configuration time Period of shorter hunting grace Long duration of hunting Deaths extend the duration of current hunting. The cordura pills restore much less sanity The fuse box begins Almost there are no hiding places Paranormal interference has damaged some of its monitoring equipment


Each time you start a contract, the location will have a different climate, which will add new layers of play and make each contract feel unique. The change in temperature will make it more difficult to find the location of the ghost, rain or wind will affect your audition and a thick fog will reduce visibility.

Clear skies Fog Light rain Heavy rain Strong wind Light snow

Ouija board

The Ouija table did not have as much sense as we would like, so it has been renovated. Now exchange sanity for information and are penalized less if you do not get an answer.

The Ouija table will now greatly reduce your sanity when the ghost responds. If the ghost does not respond, you will only lose a small fraction of sanity. The demons have changed their weakness to reflect these changes.


Various types of new ghosts have been sighted. These new types of ghosts are more likely to appear during the Halloween event: Onryo. The Twins Obake. Raiju. When you crouch, the player colliding is now shrinking to match the player s model. Ghosts will now interrupt electronic equipment whenever they are visible. Ghosts can now turn off lighters similar to candles The use of the Walkie-Talkie will now attract the ghost during the hunts. The Walkie-Talkie now will only play static sounds when it is near the ghost Lightlights and candles will now turn off when you are outside with intense rain and when you throw The screen map screen has received new icons The ghost can now interact with several showers in certain places. Now you can place sound and movement sensors on the floors


The base speed and acceleration of all ghosts have been increased slightly by chasing a player. The duration of hunting of ghosts in small and medium maps has been reduced. Ghosts now have little chance of not leaving fingerprints when interacting with the environment. Digital footprints now disappear after 60 seconds. The ghosts of the attic and the basement now roam less frequently The ghosts of the attic and the basement now will only wander up to the next floor and not on the other side of the map. All contracts can now be selected at all times on the map screen. The average sanity will now be accurate instead of being random. The difficulty of the contract will now be predetermined to the difficulty you played for the last time. The description of the map has been replaced by a description of difficulty. The bone can now be a random bone of the human body and has new images. Ghost steps now you can only be heard when the ghost is moving Change screen resolution in the magazine now offers confirmation The evidence of freezing temperatures has been changed to take into account the new climate, which requires a lower reading in the thermometer. Breathing has not changed The ignition and off indicator of the fuse box has been divided into two different lights, instead of one that changes color The ghost sounds will now vanish instead of stopping abruptly Footprints and footprints of ghosts have received new textures. Lighters will now turn off when you change to your inventory Ghosts can now turn off candles when the lights are on Various rooms have changed on behalf of Edgefield, Bleasdale and Grafton All ghost events will now last a minimum of 1 second The blows in the windows will now make noise in the parabolic. Various photo frames have had their photos replaced The heartbeat will now appear and disappear, the volume has also been lowered


The grammar and score of English were corrected, in the journal, on several pages. An error was corrected by which ghosts did not always do their animation of walking for ghost events. An error was corrected by which only the host could turn off the car alarm. An error was corrected by which the highlight of the location of the salt was visible on the walls after looking at the floor. An error was corrected by which salt could be placed on the prison staircase inside the wall. An error was corrected by which there is no code on the clipboard and none did not translate. An error was corrected by which the sounds of the steps would continue after you stop moving. An error was corrected by which the search would not end if the host was leaving during the search. An error was corrected by having several monitors with different resolution scales blocked the game. An error was corrected by which the ghost sang while making hunting sounds at the same time. An error was corrected by which you could hold a tripod with a camera on during a hunt and the ghost did not find you. An error was corrected by which the flowering option buttons were upside down in the main menu. An error was corrected by which dots could be seen through walls where there was not a DOTS projector. A vulnerability was corrected in which you could use a camera on a tripod to deceive the ghost making him believe you were inside.


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