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The game Digimon Ghost reveals a new Digidestined

Digimon (Jap. デジモン Dejimon or デジタル モンスタ dejitaru monsutā, Digital Monster ) is the title of a series of Merchandising products of Bandai, including eight anime series, eleven anime movies, a series of video games for different platforms , several mangas and a collective card game included.

Game of Ghosts of Digimon has revealed a new Digidestined member with the third episode of the series. Digimon Ghost Game has launched the popular franchise to a new era with a kind of world and completely new characters that we had seen with the denture of Digimon restart the Anime series earlier this year. It is a dramatically different tone and this new series has focused mainly on how Digimon is beginning to interfere with the technology of the human world with the hope of manifesting on this side of the world.

Although the opening and final themes of Digimon Ghost Game gave the fans a look at the full alignment of children elected to the series, the first two episodes had focused mainly on presenting Hiro Amanokawa and Gammamon. But the seeds were planted for the following two members of the chosen children when his father not only gave Hiro three digivices, but he noticed that a teammate of his, Ruli, was being followed by a Digimon ghost. As it was revealed in the new episode, Ruli s ghost was actually her protector and now the two have joined the fight with Hiro.

I like that Ruli is the one who makes the huge beast look like Digimon like her companion. Now I can not wait to see the scene of evolution.

  • Chai // ?????????????????????? (@ Chaizu2) October 24, 2021

The first two episodes had been sowing the seeds so that Ruli Tsukiyono joined the series in the whole, but the third episode was the first real adventure of her focused on her. It is revealed that the most recent mystery of the week involved a series of red scribbles that appeared in random photos and afflicted humans with several curses anywhere on their body on which they had scored. In the case of Ruli, she was from her, and as Hiro discovered, the Ghost Digimon who had been following her was trying to protect her from these scribbles.

It was revealed that Dracmon was the one behind the attacks and was trying to look for a way to manifest himself. Hiro tells him that he will allow DracMon to use a replacement of Digivice that he has, but instead he is offered to Ruli and Angoramon. Ruli was inspired to launch himself when he saw how angoamon was fighting to protect her, and with the activation of his digivice, Angoramon manifests himself in the human world (as Gammamon) and saves them all from DracMon s tricks .

Now Hiro and Ruli are the ones who will face these Digimon ghosts below, but what do you think of Ruli and Angoraman team until now? What do you think of the new Digimon series? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other interesting things. @Valdezology on Twitter!


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