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Wow: sad record

A patch (masculine, rarely neutrum; from engl. To patch = patch, repair and patch = [attached] patch, patchwork in the meaning of repair or repair) is a correction delivery for software or data from end-user view to fix errors - Mostly to conclude well-known security gaps - or to retrofit non-existing functions. In part, changes to a software without knowledge of the buyers or users are also installed. For some manufacturers, such as Microsoft (Windows), these reworks like to receive updates and service pack if they consist of many combined patches (partly weekly patch days). The term was already in use at a time, as corrections to (minimal) software could still be accomplished on punching cards by punching or adhering individual holes.

Colleague Philipp has already addressed it: in WOW there is a clear content lull, which can only stop patch 9.2. But we do not look directly on salvation brains 9.2, but on a sad record.

Wow Shadowlands appeared with a clear delay in November 2020. At the end of March 2020, we already worried if it appears in 2020. Nearly a year later we have to find that all numbers of Shadowland s content-release data from our site is even worse than accepted.

Patch 9.1 appeared in the middle of this year, from Patch 9.1.5 we know that he will appear on 3 November. This is clear: The developers provide players in the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft within one year only a real content patch. If you take the extension in front of it, it even are only two real updates in two years .

Review: Our black painter (and yet naive) numbers

In mid-April of this year, it was already foreseeable that patch 9.1 delayed massively in contrast to other extensions. Already at that time we did not believe in a third big patch for Wow (Buy now 14.99 €) Shadowlands.

The then extremely black painter prediction: Patch 9.1 will appear only a good 251 days after the extension release. In the end it became 219 days. World of Warcraft: (1) Source: The second - at that time still considered realistic - Invoice: Patch 9.1 will run in about as long as patch 8.1 in bfa - so 200 days to patch 9.2 appears. Stand Now (23.10.2021) is patch 9.1 112 days active, patch 9.1.5 still has no release date and patch 9.2 is probably no longer appearing in 2021. A realistic release for patch 9.2 would be at the end of February - but who actually wants to appreciate that correctly ...

Suppose Patch 9.2 would be published on 23.2.2022, the duration of Patch 9.1 would still exceed the black painter predictions and not to come to 200 days, but 238 days.

One year, two months and two days, players in this scenario would have to wait for a second content patch after the extension release. Almost 200 euros on monthly taxes gives a WOW player who keeps the MMORPG loyalty for two content updates.

For comparison: So much content provided the previous extensions in a good year

A release of patch 9.2 in February 2022 is very patronist and the content could move even further backwards. But let s take a look at how much content other enlargement have published in the same period in which in Shadowlands just the second right patch goes to the start.

TBC : The third big patch is coming to the end and the fourth content patch is in front of the door. Wotlk : The third and last content patch is in full swing Cataclysm : Again, the third and last patch is already published some time Mop : The fourth, but very tedious, patch is outside. Wood : The second patch is already outside three months, but is also the last of the extension. Legion : The third patch is still quite fresh. BFA : The second big patch is slowly coming towards the end.

Honestly, if I m leaving that in mind, I m as a heart-blood wow fan, though it was foreseeable, nevertheless helpless. Ion Hazzikostas said about half a year ago that Shadowlands will not become a WOD 2.0. That s exactly thereafter, it looks - precisely the situation is still worse, because even more content is missing. I wonder what the developers actually do in a year?

It is difficult to draw a conclusion. Are the pandemic and legal proceedings really to blame for one year with only one patch? Even with my patch WoW fanboy glasses you can not justify that, especially since the developers themselves have said that the pandemic did not restrict the workflows so much. I m looking forward to your opinion. Cheers.

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