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How to get radianity points

Removal points in Valorant are a form of currency at stake. Some players can confuse the term radiant with radiant points. The radiant term is associated with the different agents of the game, while the radian ite points are a currency that you must use in the game for cosmetics.

You can acquire radiant points in several ways. The most effective way is to conclude contracts for your agents via the Competitive Pass Battle Pass. These points go to your account, and you can use them for cosmetic items. It takes a little time to mount the fighting pass, but it should give you a little while browsing it. If you want more, you can always buy additional radian ite points in the game in the store using real money.

Cosmetics include weapon skins, and you can use radian ite points to improve them. Upgrades include additional animations, visual effects and additional items that differ from the default settings you see with other radiant agents in the game. None of the purchases of the game modifies the gameplay. They are purely cosmetic.

Valorant: How to get Radianite Points (and how to use Radianite Points) You receive the first level of the unlocked skin once you have it on your account. After that, you go up to the top four. Each level of the weapon becomes better progressive with better quality animations and better effects.

For those who initially bought radiant points during Valorant beta, everything is being refreshed. This means that all cosmetics and things everyone has bought or upgraded will return to zero. However, if you bought the currency in the game, you will receive them again when the game will be released on June 2, more than 20%.

A new combat pass will be available once for Valorant players will be available for everyone after June 2nd. You will have more ways to receive radian ite points, and you can choose to buy real money in the game currency when you discover a particular cosmetic that connects with you.


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