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FIFA 22 Totgs: Team Team of the Group Stage with brutal letters: Lewandowski, Salah, CR7 and more

It's Friday and that means that a new FIFA event is already underway 22. As we already knew, the new letters Tongs are launched, or what is the same Team of the Group Stage, focused on The continental competitions of the world of football. And, with what interests us, with new letters for Ultimate Team, some of them very interesting.

They had already advanced the presence of some letters such as Salah and Vinicius, but EA Sports has published the definitive team of Tongs. The best players will have permanent updates for their participation in the Champions or in Europe League.

Next, we leave you the first team of the Group Stage:

Tongs team

Lewandowski (93) Salah (92) Cristiano Ronaldo (92) Donnarumma (90) João Cancel (89) Marquis (89) Seine (88) Skunk (88) Chaise (87) Christensen (87) Vinicius Jr. (86) Tiago Deal (85)

FIFA 22 Team of the Group Stage Pack Opening! Brahma (85) Botham (83)

Free letter of group phase equipment

With FIFA Tongs 22, you can also get a free-to-play card, fulfilling the required goals. On this occasion it is about Shipmen, the Naples striker, which stands out for the performance of him in Europe League. He has an average of 86 and stands out for his 94th rhythm and his shooting. To get it, you have to do the following:

Refined shooter : Brand 4 goals with a DC in FUT Friendly: Masterpiece Directive Increasing influence : Attend in two goals with centers in the Friend's Friendly: Masterpiece Directive CAL CIO CONNECTION : Brand with players from Serie A in 7 different matches in Fut Live: Masterpiece Directive Circle of winners : Win 4 games in the Friend's Friendly Live: Masterpiece Directive


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