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Game Awards 2021: All confirmed games

Game of Thrones: Winter Months is Coming is a SPORTS video game released in 2019 as well as based on the Game of Thrones television series and the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. On 26 March 2019, Chinese workshop Voodoo Games introduced the international launch of Game of Thrones Winter Months is Coming, a real-time approach internet browser game formally accredited by Detector Bros, under certificate from HBO. The version of the ready Steam was launched on November 19, 2019, as well as the mobile port was released on July 20, 2020. The player takes the part of a lord or girl of one of the 7 kingdoms of Westeros, as well as progresses by training soldiers, hiring personalities as well as forming an alliance with various other players. Advertisements for this game that horned in YouTube video clips, appeared to claim that game tasks consist of not just combating and war, yet also enhancing food manufacturing (growing land, rounding up lamb, angling, choosing fruit), mining steel ore, having actually weapons made, felling wood and making buildings, and also training males. Picking fruit, cultivating land, fishing as well as herding lamb are not a component of the actual gameplay. In the game, a dragon can be obtained, as an egg, which can be hatched, and the hatchling can be increased with its juvenile phase to being big sufficient to be valuable in fight and air-search. In the tale's timeline, the game begins after Edward Stark passes away, but as if all seven kingdoms had thereupon withdrew, not just The North.

The game year 2021 is almost over — but it ends with a bang. Because with the Game Awards 2021 are also numerous exciting announcements and new material to coming games in front of the door! But what exactly is shown? We have summarized all sorts of announcements and rumors for you.

All information about the appointment, the nominees and the Livestream can be found in our info article about the Game Awards 2021:

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The Game Awards 2021: All information at a glance

The Last of US 2 Multiplayer and The Last of Us Remake

That there will be a remake of the Zombie Hit The Last of US is now as good as safe. Broke insider Jason Schrader spoke in April 2021 from a remake for the PS5, which should be in the development at Naughty Dog. Also, journalist Erik Halfback Fur, who already hit the black with many of his predictions to big games into the black, confirmed this rumor and called some details. Because apparently the remake should offer much more than just polished graphics. We still do not know if the project is shown on the Game Awards 2021, but the rumor kitchen boils.

Likewise, the multiplayer to the last of us 2, which will probably appear as a stand-alone game and is already waiting for a while. Even if it could take several years until the release, a presentation with the Game Awards is not unlikely.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Another hot candidate for the game awards is BREATH OF THE WILD 2 This is to be shown according to a leader there namely with new material. But whether it is a new gameplay or the official name or something completely different — we have to wait.

It is certain that the hype has been huge since the first presentation and the fans eager for a continuation of one of the best Open Worlds of all time:

Hell blade 2

Also, for news for Senna's saga: Light Blade 2 There are some tangible hints. The journalist and insider Jeff Grubs already said a presence of the hot expected action adventure. Last Blade 2 was also shown at the Game Awards, but already in 2019. Since then, it has become quiet for the extraordinary game in the Viking-setting.

The first trailer two years ago, however, made a stir two years ago, because again, light blade scores with fabulous graphics, which was even created in-engine:

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Already confirmed is a performance of the new Stealth game in the The Lord of the Rings universe. Gollum will be presented again at the Game Awards 2021 after fighting with some shifts before. The developers made on Twitter known that Gollum will sneak out on the Game Awards.

Currently, the game is understood by fans with mixed feelings. The same applies to the first long gameplay trailer, which was shown in July this year:

The Matrix Awakens: At Unreal Engine 5 Experience

Surprisingly, a few days before the Game Awards the Preload to The Matrix Awakens landed in the PlayStation Store and on Xbox. Now it will be presented to the Game Awards 2021 and then celebrates its release directly.

It is not a complete game in the Matrix Universe, but an interactive experience in the Unreal Engine 5. More we probably learn from Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss personally, which will also occur with the Game Awards. There is already a first teaser:

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PS5 & Xbox Series X / S: The Matrix Awakens Lets you for free in the matrix

Further possible announcements and news

Hogwarts Legacy : For the role-playing game in the Harry Potter Universe, it has become quiet and fans now hope for new information about the Game Awards. Perfect Dark : The long-awaited continuation of the classic is also a wide candidate for a presentation. Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake : Various leaks and rumors have been to a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 and the Game Awards are often called a possible date for a world premiere. Throne Cross Remake : But also a remake or Remaster to Throne Cross has been speculated for a long time. We may experience more soon. The Elder Scrolls 6 : Although there are no evidence of news about ES6, but the long wireless styles around Bethesda's role-playing fans hope for the game awards. STANFIELD : The same applies to Star field, to which we do not yet know much in terms of gameplay. Dragon Age 4 : Since Bioware is regularly represented on the Game Awards, news about Dragon Age 4 are probably probable. New Bios hock : Last, there was a big leak to a supposed new bios hock, which could also be revealed at the event.

Probably also expects us an exciting lineup at indigenous game. Title by Activision Blizzard, however, are missing due to the current sexism lawsuit in the Game Awards, Like Moderator Geoff Kafka bet. Only at the nominees is for example Call of Duty: War zone to find the best ongoing games.

2021 Game of the Year: IGN's Nominations

Which announcements do you hope for the Game Awards 2021? Will you watch live? Betray us in the comments!


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