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How to Operate The Atmo Systems in Warframe

Atom Systems in Warframe are an item of craft you can win by doing Heist Bounties. These are the special premiums you can do for the Vox Polaris union on Fortuna and imply to defeat the orb mother who keeps the Orb Wallis.

You will have to reach the rank of Old Mate with Polaris United, then go to the secret room at the back of Fortunate and talk with AUDIO. To operate Atom Systems, the best thing to do is play the second phase several times, or mission. You will need to steal the harmonic scheme from the Taker profit shield, and it's a quick and easy mission with a team. You will have to have completed the first phase to access the second phase.

Talk to Audio and accept the mission, then head to Orb Wallis. Go to the enrichment laboratories and head everything back, on the top floor. You will have to kill three corpus managers. The first appears under the security room closed at the rear the laboratories. If you kill the first, the second will appear halfway from the laboratory, towards the entrance, and the third will appear in the first main room the laboratories.

Where to get Gyromag, Atmo, Repeller Systems & Gravimag - Profit Taker Heists

When they are all dead, return outside and two Terra Ampules will appear to keep the scheme harmonic. Take them all, enter the harmonic scheme that will fall into the room they kept and return to Fortuna. Once the mission is complete, you will get, hopefully, the ATM systems in the reward pool. Just grind the mission until you have the number you need.

It should not be time to become very effective, especially with a full team. Three players have just taken a position to the recurrence points for Corpus Managers, the fourth waiting outside with a sniper rifle. When every Tenn kills his target, he can join the player outside, then kill the Terra Ampules who appear. With a little practice, you can finish this mission in two to three minutes, making it a great way to cultivate ATM Systems.


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