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Pokémon Go: Kyurem Konter

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If your Pokemon Go System opens in the legendary raids, you need good counterparts. We From Mango show you the best counterpart, maximum WP and the usefulness of the dragon.

Where can you find System? System triggers today, on December 16, YESHIVA and ZERO in the legendary level 5 RAIDS and can be found there for two weeks.

It's not the first time that you can catch System in Pokémon Go, but the dragon is also available in its dazzling form for the first time.

How long can you catch System? The legendary dragon lingers 5-eggs for the rest of the year. So from 16 December at 10:00 o'clock local time until 31st December at 20:00 clock in the Raids your opponents.

System — the best counter

Which types are effective? As far as the types are concerned, System is not just dragon, but also ice. This means that you get a WP boost through weather in wind and snow, but attention, then System is stronger. Without weather boost, the Pokémon will meet you with level 43,478.

When attacked, you should put on the types of fight, rock, steel, dragon and fairy, as they promise this high effectiveness and good damage to the ice dragon. If you have success, you can catch System afterwards. The dragon then has between 1,957 and 2,553 WP.

You have the best chances of success with these counter-Pokémon and Move sets (via

Alternatively, the following pocket monsters are also suitable for use against System:

Thornier with catapult and rocketed (Crypto-) Brand with Dragon Rod and Wooten case (Crypto) Hero with cartridge steel and iron skull (Crypto) Moot with psychobling and psychos Zero with feuerodem and tantrum

*SHINY KYUREM* COUNTER GUIDE! 100 IVs & Moveset - DRAGON & ICE Raid Boss | Pokémon Go (Crypto-) Grades with Dragon Rod and Wooten case

What about MEGA developments? Mega developments from Pokémon hold only a limited time in Go. They are suitable for even strong RAID bosses to be able to conquer. The following mega developments can be used against System:

Mega Grades with dragon rod and tantrum Mega-Glurak Y with feuerodem and dragon claw Mega-Schlapor with foot kick and focuses

With optimal counterattacks and the weather and the best friends bonus, you can defeat System for two. On average, we recommend you to oppose the dragon with 3 to 5 players.

Worth System?

Is there a Shiny? Yes! For the first time, System is also catching in Pokémon Go in his dazzling shape. For all Shiny hunters, a renewed excursion to the System raids is definitely safe.

How strong is System? System gets you with the spasms of fire and steel and the loading holes Dragon Claw, Blizzard and Draco Meteor. It is most likely to have the combination of Feuerodem and Draco Meteor so that you have a good dragon attacker.

These two attacks are the best variant of the ice dragon (via poke both in the arena attack and in tear fighting.

As far as the values ​​are concerned, System can score points with a comparatively strong attack and good endurance. However, allows a lot to fall in the defensive and is therefore defeated relatively quickly.

Even if System can do a good job in Raids, he does not belong to the best attackers 2021. In the PVP, however, it can be done well by his speed to bring the shields of the opponents quickly.

Worth System now? It's not the first time that the ice dragon is in Pokémon Go. So if you already have a good System and does not value a dazzling form, the Raids are no longer worthwhile for you.

However, if you are a Shiny Hunter, you should exploit the two RAID hours with System on the 22nd and 29th of December, because the dragon is for the first time as Shiny in the game.

But should you only be looking for the best attackers, System is worthwhile for you rather less.

Do you take part in the RAIDS? Are you looking forward to catching System in iridescence or have you rather less desire to face the ice dragon again? Write it in the comments here on Mango.


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