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The new game of Peter Molyneux sounds like Factorio as a multiplayer, you can even make real money

The legendary developer Peter Milieux has presented his latest project with Legacy. The game should appear in 2022 and build full on NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrencies — the first Blockchain Business SIM, as it is said.

Who is Peter Linux? Milieux have gamble games like Black & White, Fable and Dungeon Keeper. The now 62-year-old developer has been working on many acquaintances since 1982.

He has also become known as the creator of the gods games, a separate genre in which you as God creates your own world. His first game of this kind was populous. Milieux worked in the past in the well-known studios Bullfrog (EA) and Lion head (Microsoft).

In 2012, he founded 22cans, his own studio, with which he is currently creating his latest creation. This was presented on the gal averse on 11 December.

What is this for a game? Legacy is a kind of construction simulation in which you manage your own city including factory and workers. You buy a piece of land, builds an industry up and produced.

These were you can trade with other players and do themselves what they actually manufacture and looks like the environment belonging to your company. You are dealing with other players and adapts to build a dominance on the open market.

By Legacy Keys you can set NPC workers who take over production for you. As the production chains look exactly, we do not yet know, the automation sounds greatly after playing like Factor or Satisfactory.

The goal is to optimize production. With your products and in competition with other players you can eventually receive legacy coin — a creek specially created for legacy. This should appear 2022, but so far still without specifying the platform.

Make money with NFTs and crypto

How can I earn money? Legacy coin is a cryptocurrency lying according to developers on the blockchain of Ethereum. This has a value in real money, at least as the cryptocurrency itself is covered.

Cry pro currencies can usually be swapped in so-called wallets against other assets or even valuables such as gold and traditional currencies. In some cases, cryptocurrency can even be purchased directly.

Legacy builds on that you generate the corresponding coin. This principle is called Pay to Earn, so: games to earn. Everything that you will play in Legacy should actually belong to you.

What are NFTs? Non-Fungible Tokens are digital objects that are made unique by a signature. Every NFT is only once. It is a kind of digital collective object, which also clearly heard the owner by the signature. Thanks to the blockchain, each NFT is unique and can not be copied or fake.

Normally, you have no actual claim to items from service games. Items for example, who will yield you in an MMO, are still part of the game and belong to the publisher. You lends you only.

NFTs work more like digital goods that can possess and sell or swap. Similarly, the Steam Markowitz has been working for years. There you can act about skins and more from Counter-Strike or then the cards of the failed Artifact.

The new gaming annoys the gamers

We showed Peter Molyneux every game he's ever made

NFTs came up with streamers some time ago, which have sold exclusive images or other collective objects for their viewers and fans. The well-known streamer Index about clips sold after her spell of Twitch.

Partly at NFTs records of over 570,000 euros come together. Currently, a number of developers go the way of crypto gaming and NFTs in their games. Ubisoft is about the big studios that play with the new technology.

Under Gamer NFTs are controversial until hated. There were already fraud and the fear is great that exactly something through the gaming passed on a large scale. The speculation in conjunction with blockchain and cryptocurrencies also fits many fans at all.

The fact that developers like Milieux now jump on the train and explicitly create NFT games, fueling the concern that traditional games for the studios become too uninteresting. But what do you mean? Makes with our survey on Mango:

NFTs spread in gaming — what is your opinion?


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