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How to get the ending of Lord of Frenzied Flame in Elden Ring

Elden Ring pays great attention to the study of the world and making decisions, and all this can lead to one of the many possible endings that the player can achieve. One of the most gloomy endings of the game is Lord of Frenzied Flame. It also turns out to be one of the most difficult to achieve.

To become the lord of a frantic flame and immerse the world in an eternally raging fire, the player needs to go a number of steps. The very first step is to find underground avoiding land in the sewer located below Leyendell, the royal capital .

Location of underground shelters

In order to get into underground avoiding land, get to the part of the city covered with giant dragon wings, where you can find a well. Jump through the well to get into the sewer. Now you will have to pave your way to the lower part of the sewage system until you find metal elevator . Go down the elevator to get to Lost site of grace .

Continue, having rested in the place of grace, and go through the fog to meet with face to face, the sign . After defeating this boss, rest from the vision of grace before moving forward, as it will be quite difficult. As soon as it could be defeated, go to the platform between two statues and hit the wall. Then the wall will drop, opening a new area.

This new area will require you a very cautious jump down. Use protruding stone blocks along the edges of the walls to safely go down. Once below, the floor will fail, opening an impressive door and a place of grace.

Unlock the end of Lord of Frenzied Flame

As soon as you found a frantic flame Speak with Melina at the sight of grace. She will beg you not to succumb to a frantic flame. Do not pay attention to her warnings if you still want to achieve this ending.

Elden Ring - How to Get the Lord of the Frenzied Flame Ending Guide

To go through the door in front, you must first remove all your armor, weapons and talismans. Then interact with the door to open it. A cut scene will begin, where you will face a face with three fingers which will hug you and leave traces of burns on your body.

After this Kat-scene ends, you will be attached to the ending of the “frantic flame”, and no other endings can be achieved. After winning the final boss in the game Ancient beast interact with Broken statue of Marika and select “ become the lord of the frantic flame “ To bring complete destruction and unlock the achievement ” Lord of the frantic flame * ".

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