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Pandarina, from fan to streamer in three years: Koi saw something in me that I didn't even see

Working in the creation of content is something that has no medium term when it comes to the top. Although it does not seem, many of the streamers that we see today have been on Twitch many years and have worked like nobody to get where they are.

If last week we met the case of Rioboo and its meteoric ascent in less than half a year , this time we will talk about Marina, or Pandarina in the networks, a cream worker who carries several in the Platform purple and that, thanks to the support he has found along the way and his pets, has become a reference in the world of streaming . Following Gamepolis, we were able to meet her and chat with her about everything around her, as how important the mental health, the love of Koi is or even her participation in her evening.

The love of people in face-to-face events

Panda has always gone to this type of event since he was a teenager and fan of League of Legends, but now it is the center of attention and to which they are going to see with emotion: I have been going to video game events since 14/ 15 years and it is still surprising that my life has changed both to the point of not coming and the geek that turns around the enclosure, but that now people want to meet me and make it excited to see me. It is a rather a change Toccho, but I receive it with a lot of love and love; I enjoy it much more **, he says with enthusiasm.

Marina was not aware of all the love she had received, but above all, the enormous education and love that her followers has transmitted to them: at no time I have felt uncomfortable , people are super respectful. There are people who They tell you with your eyes the illusion that makes you greet you. I have only had super natural moments and the truth is something that I thought I was never going to live.

The beginnings on Twitch

She already worked before and got her money through different currese as a photographer, but following the confinement she got the partner and that is when she began her rise : I could not exercise my work at Covid; I was unemployed so to speak and what I had tried was to do directly while working.

Suddenly the pandemic arrives and I see myself living alone with just my computer. What I did was to kill myself to do directly to feel company, to play with people and spend the pandemic better, because in the end it was something very hard for the people who We passed the confinement like that. It was unintentionally, but there is no work in the world that enjoys more than this .

Learn to live with the ghosts of the past

Pandarina is a streamer that has always been very transparent , with mental and physical health always ahead: In 2019 I was diagnosed with depression and the truth that were a very rare years of healing and getting out of this Transorno, Learn to live with that shadow . I am not depressed right now, but occasionally those wounds of the past that throw you very down again.

It makes very little, For a non-day nonsense, the world came to me and with a 5-minute talk with Jose (Rioboo) it was solved. To me if that shadow of depression that I had before all, and it may be that because of the Covid I did not heal it at all. Since February I have allowed myself to pay a psychologist and I am trying to fix this problem in all ways , Marina says.

However, there have been people who have met as a sauceb helped in many decisions ** that I have had throughout these last months and years. I believe that without them I would be much crazier than the head. In turn, Koi has also been a gigantic pillar for Marina this last year, in addition to her dogs that has helped him maintain a routine to organize mentally.

Koi and the importance of having support

Panda told us that Koi already had her from all year Nothing has come above because I have seen my examples to keep supporting me.

Marina has had few support nuclei in her life and Koi has been a great help In this sense: I with such a negative mind, suddenly I see that people really for a year and a half. I was very impacted Phrase that Koi Chief told me, that there was a moment since I asked him why he invited me to the first evening or the World Cup if it was nobody; she told me: 'Hopefully you saw yourself with your eyes with which I see you'.

When they told me if I wanted It is its objective, and then you see that in person it has that same human value that it has in its direct. Koi for me means family and is a place where I feel surrounded .


A veteran on the purple platform

Panda told us that he has been doing directly on Twitch for more than 5 years, when the maximum spectators in a Spanish-speaking live was 6 thousand people: I lived the move of the giants (...) I think it has increased in all areas, from streamers and spectators to events. A very important thing that I notice different from 2016-7-8 is that now the streamers get together ; before it was very individual, It is something that has changed dramatically. Now they come together every night to play anything; there is much more community.

While it is true that there is much more unity, from the outside we have seen the appearance of too many series , something that Marina saw it as something that has to happen in the process: We are still a very young sector and we have that knowing the timings so that the content works in the best way (...) I think it is a learning and adaptation process so that, at some point, we reach a balance in which the streamers do not burn.

Another of the most important things at the time of stremear is to know when you have to take a break , something that Marina has it very present: from my first year, I already took it as if it were any job: of Monday to Sunday and weekends I am out, although there are exceptions. Many times we enter a harmful inertia of making too many hours to earn more money. I believe that any human being needs to rest of absolutely everything he does constantly. Having a work time sets a lot of mentally .

As with Rioboo, we wanted Kaaileen ** is a friend of mine years ago and I love her a lot. It is an art streamer, one of the Twitch categories that are not as great as music and for me it is a crack; drawing entertains a lot and is A super enjoyable live.

I would also say buns , who is a girl who does not spectacularly-Hit also very fun and that in the end be in such a niche community is difficult to grow and still does.

The evening and its future

Panda told us that he exercised a lot and we ventured to ask about if we could see her participating in the evening : I always tell the anecdote that when we went to Disaster Chefs. Before announcing the people who would participate in evening 2 I was with Carola, Ibai and Barbe in the car when they told me that Carola was going to participate. That's when I suddenly turns Ibai, looks at me and tells me: 'And you?' **. If I had never done Exercise may tell you that yes, but now that I know what it costs to train and prepare four months for something specific and so heavy, for respect for sport I would tell you that it is not true that I once see it as something possible but... I don't know.

Finally, we wanted to know what I would say to the Panda of the future, something that I always have present despite everything that comes to him: That those shadows of depression and the problems that take me chasing me do not drop it, because even with them everything he has achieved makes no sense.


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