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Approximately 140 titles are added to Nintendo Switch sales. The lowest price from criminal ADV to factory construction & management sim one after another

On October 13, a new sale for Nintendo Switch has started at the Nintendo E Shop. About 140 titles were added to the sale. In this article, we will introduce some of the hottest titles.

First, let's look at the title that updated the lowest price.

CHICKEN POLICE-Paint It Read! (Chicken Police) ・ A hard-boiled adventure game set in a city where the body is human, and the heads are animals. Two chicken, once famous as the name combination detective Chicken Police, challenged the mystery case. We will conduct investigations through information gathering in the city, hearing people involved, and pale mini-games, approaching the darkness hidden in the city. 1538 yen/33 % off (store page)

STAYCATION PARADISE ・ Twin stick shooter & tower defense game. Players become customers in resort facilities who can enjoy the Earth Destruction Scenario, and confronts a group of monsters that attack in large quantities while placing turrets and defense structures on the stage. 1386 yen/30 % off tax (store page)

COZY GROVE ・ A simulation game where you live a slow life on an island where the spirits of the bear live. While exploring the island, enjoying various activities, or expanding and decorating the base camps, the quests are done to regain the colors to the island. 888 yen/40 % off tax (store page)


DICEY DUNGEONS ・ A roggy-like game that becomes a character with a die and dies into a dungeon and fights against enemies. In the turn-based battle with the enemy, the card deck and dice are used, and the stats of the card effect are determined by the dice. 150 yen/90 % off tax (store page)

Little Big Workshop (Little Big Workshop) ・ Factory construction & management simulation game. Starting from a small factory, arranging facilities, hiring employees, designing efficient production lines, manufacturing various products tailored to market needs. Then we will make a profit and further enlarge the factory. 1210 yen/50 % off (store page)

Crisis 3 Remastered ・ The third remastered version of the FPS Crisis series. He is a hero wearing a maximum armor who bounces off bullets and a nanobots with functions such as optical camouflage cloakrooms. In addition, the remastered version of the previous work Crisis 2 Remastered is on sale at the same price. 1979 yen/45 % off (store page)

Next, I will introduce the title that has been cheaper to the same price so far.

Sponge Bob: Battle for Bikini Bottom-Rehydrated ・ Remake version of an action game based on the anime Sponge Bob. Set in the seabed town of bikini town, the protagonist Sponge Bob and his friends face the bad guys who plan to conquer the city. In response to Japanese dubbing by the same voice actor as the anime version, online and offline two-player cooperation play is also supported. 2618 yen/30 % off tax (store page)

One Hand Clapping One Hand Clapping ・ A unique puzzle action game that operates using the voice of the player. Adventure the mysterious world to regain the light in a city that has been forbidden to sing and has been wrapped in darkness. To play, you need an optional microphone or headset. Use a voice literally to solve the puzzle by creating a scaffold or operating the gimmicks. 1386 yen/30 % off tax (store page)

R-TYPE DIMENSIONS EX (Earl Type Dimension EX) ・ Remaster version of the masterpiece shooting game R-TYPE and R-Type II. In addition to dot picture graphics that reproduce the original version, a version reconstructed with 3D graphics is also included, allowing you to switch at any time during the game. It also supports local two-player cooperation play.

750 yen/50 % off tax (store page)

Felix the Reaper ・ A puzzle adventure game that delivers death to humans as a death god. Since the protagonist can only move to a shadowy place, create a way to move the objects and the sun's position in the stage. Then, he does not do his hand, and uses the surrounding environment to generate a death accident. 198 yen/90 % off tax (store page)

SUPER CRUSH KO ・ A 2D action game set in the near future city. The alien who led the robot is kidnapped by a cat, and the protagonist's girl goes to rescue. Proceed on the stage with a colorful pop world view, and while acquiring new skills, connect the combo stylishly to defeat the robot. 380 yen/75 % off tax (store page)

G-MODE Archives 19 Magical Drop DX ・ A transplant version of a puzzle game that was once distributed as an i-app for mobile phones. Pick up the drop (balls) on the field, throw it on another line, and erase three or more drops of the same color vertically. By the way, Magical Drop 6, the latest in the series, was announced the other day. 390 yen/22 % off tax (store page)

Finally, we will introduce some titles that have been distributed today and have started discounts and discounts.

Paradise Marsh -A adventure game that collects stars that have fallen from the sky on a calm wetland. A work that allows you to enjoy the natural world, such as catching creatures, picking wild flowers, eating mushrooms, and finding bottles with messages. 972 yen/10 % off tax (until October 27, store page)

Space Medicals ・ A transplant version of popular science fiction stealth action and shooting game for mobile. Became a space sheriff, use terrain and obstacles to attack from blind spots to catch dangerous criminals. The second and third works in the series are also scheduled to be distributed, and reservations are also being implemented. 1782 yen/10 % off tax (reservation, until November 3, store page)

GAS STATION SIMULATOR Gas Stand Simulator ・ A management simulation game of a gas station along the highway. Renovate from the abandoned state and make money by refueling and repairing cars. We will introduce new facilities, expand facilities, and hire employees. 1874 yen/25 % off tax (reservation, until November 15, store page)

At the Nintendo E Shop, many titles are on sale besides those listed here. The end date varies depending on the title, so please check each store page for details.


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