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WM-DFB group DFB star Havertz irritated A lot is shot versus us

One wants to look at the coming video game with confidence. If you slam yourself, then a group will get on. Avert

Before the 2nd group game of the German national group against Spain, Kai Havertz and Julian Brandt asked themselves the concerns of journalists. Among other things, there is the hard beginning point after the Japan defeat, the conversations of the previous few days and handling criticism. You can track the DFB interview here in the live ticker

Avert is not scared that the Spaniards will appear with a large chest thanks to a 7-0 win against Costa Rica. We know that they are of high quality, but we don't hide. We have to bring our services to the square.

I can comprehend that many fans create negativity. There is a great deal of shot versus us. But I do not worry in my head. I do not care what remained in the past, stated Avert about the numerous crucial voices in pounded on the team for the past few days

Brandt is also certain that the DFB against Spain will carry out much better than versus Japan. We discussed what we didn't do well. We discussed. We had a very excellent exchange. All of us headed out of the meeting with the sensation that we wished to win the game.

DFB team interview with Brandt and Avert today in the live ticker for reading

Avert about fan support: We are delighted about every single fan who supports us. This tickles the last percent. We understand that the assistance may not be rather as we understand at this tournament. This year it was a little less in the very first game, but we attract everybody to support ourselves on Sunday.

Avert about his preferred position: The position of the position is truly irritating to me. Everyone understands that I can use the right, left, on the 9 and on the 10. Naturally, the positions are different, but I can play everything there. I like the nine-Id position really like, but I likewise know that you have to score as a striker. If I play there once again on Sunday, I'll provide my best again.

Avert about his family: My family is here. They support me in the arena and here at the camp.

Avert about a possible further protest: Everybody knows our point of view. Our focus is now 100 percent on football.

Avert about Spain: We understand that they are of high quality, but we do not conceal. We need to bring our services to the square.

Prior to the start: Against the upcoming opponent of Spain, from a German point of view, a success needs to be a triumph, otherwise this threatens in the group stage. In case of a defeat and synchronized point win of the Japanese in the parallel game against Costa Rica, the DFB team would no longer have an opportunity before the last group game

Avert about the status as a competition team: The stats do not promote us. We have actually experienced a change in recent years, that's not easy. This is not an excuse. What we have shown is insufficient. We will Do everything to improve it.

Brandt about the last 0: 6 defeat versus Spain: I do not think that plays a role. We are in a shitty scenario and Spain comes to the stadium with a 7-0 success in the back. A little was lost a year ago versus France and has actually likewise been lost and a year ago Then you likewise won in the 2nd game versus Portugal

Brandt about the preparation for Spain: We discussed what we did not do well. We all went out of the meeting that we desired to win the game.


Avert about his anger in the last couple of days: I have not been in an excellent state of mind for the last couple of days. If you slam yourself, then a team will get on

Brandt about the pronunciation after the Japan video game: We mostly spoke about the topics that we did refrain from doing well. Everyone saw that we did not utilize our chances. We analyzed what we were wrong with the objectives have actually d1. We hardly discussed the positive things. It is about when you lead 1-0, and we do not get the leadership that we will bring the game home.

Avert about a too nice flick: All of us still understand it about school. The last thing you can implicate the coach is that he talks insufficient to us. After the pronunciation yesterday, everybody knows what we do differently yesterday I do not think he's too great. I don't have actually to be shouted. A clear statement suffices for me.

Brandt about family check out to the defeat: There was no more detailed household from Kai and me. The others were very happy to see their liked ones.

Prior to the start: from 10 a.m. German time, Julian Brandt and Kai Havertz will ask themselves the concerns of the media representatives

PK end: That was once again from the press conference of the German team

Avert about a possible golden boat win: We have other issues. My focus is on assisting the team

Brandt through leader in the group: The load is distributed on all shoulders. We are all of our clubs and have a certain responsibility there. We have to be convinced. I also have the feeling that everyone wants that.

Prior to the start: Hey there and welcome to journalism conference of the German nationwide team

Avert about the public criticism of teammates: It was useful criticism by Play and Many. I can comprehend the boys. We discussed it. Since we are establishing, the team is good for the group. This is a small snippet from an Interview. No one is mad.

Avert about the bad type this year: I can understand that many fans are negativity. It is A big video game on Sunday. The view goes ahead for us.

DFB team press conference with Julian Brandt and Kai Havertz in the livestream

Articles and videos on the subject Germany in the European Champion final: The press reporter analysis Harmony ruined: internal incomprehension for flick decisions? Here you can discover more info and provides for FIFA WM 2022 at Magenta TV

In addition to our live ticker, you can likewise follow the press conference in the live stream. DFB reveals the media round survive on YouTube and the association homepage

WM 2022-Group E with Germany: The schedule

Date Time Team A Team B Transfer result
23. November 2 p.m. Germany Japan ARD, Magenta TV 1: 2
23. November 5 p.m. Spain Costa Rica ARD, Magenta TV 7: 0
27. November 11 a.m. Japan Costa Rica IDF, Magenta TV -
27. November 8 p.m. Spain Germany IDF, Magenta TV -
01. December 8 p.m. Costa Rica Germany ARD, Magenta TV -
01. December 8 p.m. Japan Spain Magenta TV -

Prior to the second group video game of the German nationwide group against Spain, Kai Havertz and Julian Brandt asked themselves the questions of journalists. I do not care what was in the past, said Avert about the lots of important voices in pounded on the team for the past couple of days

The group is good for the group due to the fact that we are developing. Avert about the status as a tournament team: The data do not speak for us. Brandt by means of leader in the team: The load is distributed on all shoulders.


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