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Man of Action's Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau Talk Sonic Prime, Hello Neighbor, and What's Next

Man of Action has been around for a long time, having created content for everything from TV shows to comic books, but they're most well-known for their work on the animated series Ben 10. They've also done an animated series called Generator Rex, and another called Ultimate Spider-Man.

Sonic Prime is quite self-explanatory, but here's a rundown of the other tasks, for any person who hasn't seen previous stories: Hi Neighbor: Invite to Raven Brooks concentrates on the brand-new woman in the neighborhood, Trinity (Kimberly Woods), who moves in throughout the street from weird neighbor, Mr. Peterson (Armed Taylor). And rapidly befriends Nicky (Kieran Walton), who is already consumed with finding out what dreadful tricks are hiding in Peterson's basement. They get their less brave pals to join them in their scary stealth objectives to assist rescue whatever is caught because scary house basement.

Sonic Prime is on Netflix, bring in plenty of attention from old fans and brand-new, but for production company Man of Action Home Entertainment, that's far from the only thing they have on their plate. The small organization, run by comic book and animation veterans, has a lot going on right now, consisting of a brand-new job called Sky & Luna, and a just-announced animated series taking place within the game of Hi Neighbor 2, which marks the first time an animated series has actually debuted inside a video game. The latter 2 are accompanying Production Station, and Sky & Luna is teaming Male of Action with Individuals of Culture.

As reported by Deadline, Sky & Luna centers on the lonely 11-year-old Sky, who has lastly discovered a new best good friend who is completely out of this world... actually. Luna is a shapeshifting alien sent to earth to study humankind. Instead, she ends up hunted by a top-secret government organization entrusted with eliminating extraterrestrial threats-- an organization run by Sky's own mom.

2 of Man of Action's principals-- Steven T. Eagle and Duncan Rousseau-- joined for a quick Q&A about how things are forming up with Sonic Prime now out there on the planet.

Duncan Rousseau: Ha. Lots of implied people in those company titles. MOA is delighted to be working with them to help bring in new voices and new imaginative talent into the mix.

Rousseau: We have some experience with a motivated fan base, however Sonic is unique. It's part of being a fan as well as being the 'momentary custodian'.

Omar and Dillon were looking for some guidance as they introduced their brand-new imaginative home with Sky & Luna and assuming producing tasks on Hi Next-door neighbor. Since they had actually both composed for Guy of Action, they asked if we would be Executive Producers with them and assist them get their sea legs as they released.

Rousseau: True sufficient. While both have their own obstacles to clear the apparent distinctions are that a person already has an audience and the other is aiming to find 1. When we are choosing to work on an existing IP we look at it with the eyes of a fan. Are we real fans? Is there something we'd want to see that hasn't been done much better? What hasn't happened yet we wish to occur? If it does not come from that place, you are immediately creating a barrier in between you and from the very source of the IP's strength. That can look like a no-brainer, however it truly needs a degree of sincere self reflection.

: How did the Hey there Neighbor task take shape? Certainly it's been in the works for a while, but it feels like evolved a lot.

Rousseau: A very clear one, make brand-new fans but don't lose the old ones. It's a clear enough mandate and one you will discover with any existing IP, however like you said the big difficulty is sifting through 30 years of the IP's lore to discover a clear and concise take. For us, it was easy enough. While there are plenty of supplementary sources to draw upon-- comics, old cartoons and now motion pictures-- it is and always has been the games that are the core of the character. We are fans, understand those video games well. Pulling from that source we concentrated on those as our chief inspiration. It wasn't creating something brand-new from entire cloth as much as weaving together several visions into one unified and brand-new experience.

Eagle: The motion pictures are their own phenomenon. Sega motivated us to go our own way, build our own world, inform our own story, however keep the heart of Sonic and his good friends in mind. We wanted to go impressive, long-form, and be all about how Sonic views his relationships through an unexpectedly shattered lens.

Eagle: It is definitely one of the most passionate fan bases in the world! Love that! But Guy of Action's work on this began five years ago with our friends at Sega America, and evolved with our partners at Wild Brain, Netflix, and Maria for the next 4 years. So in animation, we tend to finish our work long prior to it reaches the fans. That's why Sega's Sonic tradition team is so vital to everything we do. Do we hope fans dig it? We do! Can we control that? We can't!

Steven T. Eagle: We owe the connection to Omar Spahn and Dillon Gem mill's brand-new venture Creation Station. We'd formerly met Carl from Lion Forge and Laid and Andy from POC, but the partnership with Carl was crafted by Creation Station off of their initial IP of SKY & LUNA and after that expended by them to also include POC.

Rousseau: Absolutely. As stated up top we are pulling from the essential source Sonic games. It was where he was born. It is where his greatest strength originates from.


Eagle: That was an l Ltd hour surprise to us. We literally heard about it the week prior to it happened. Again, it speaks to how adventurous and active Tiny Build is when it comes to attempting new approaches.

Rousseau: The owner Alex Nichiporchik presented us with that concept. From releasing it on YouTube where story building and construction need not follow strict network time restraints to surprising the tonal shifts that keep the story fresh and an audience on their toes, it's been a joy to work on.

Eagle: There's always a pendulum swinging in between outlets desiring originals or existing IP. You can freak trying to follow where the pattern is. The very best bet is to follow a story that resonates with you and that you can convey will resonate with audiences-- whether brand-new or existing-- and present that to the purchasers.

Sonic Prime is on Netflix, drawing in plenty of attention from old fans and brand-new, however for production businessman of Action Entertainment, that's far from the only thing they have on their plate. The small company, run by comic book and animation veterans, has a lot going on right now, consisting of a brand-new project called Sky & Luna, and a just-announced animated series taking place within the game of Hi Neighbor 2, which marks the very first time an animated series has debuted inside a video game. Sonic Prime is quite obvious, but here's a rundown of the other jobs, for anybody who hasn't seen previous stories: Hi Next-door neighbor: Invite to Raven Brooks focuses on the new lady in the area, Trinity (Kimberly Woods), who moves in across the street from weird next-door neighbor, Mr. Peterson (Armed Taylor). MOA is pleased to be working with them to assist bring in new voices and new creative skill into the mix. It wasn't creating something brand-new from entire cloth as much as weaving together several visions into one brand-new and unified experience.

: The program practically seems like a more standard take than the films. While they've done well, I have actually currently heard some fans stating they prefer Prime's take. Was that a conscious option, to actually distinguish the 2 Sonic that people are seeing in popular culture today?

The Hi Neighbor series (now on YouTube) had a test pilot a couple of years earlier, and while we inherited properties and an excellent team from that, we creatively desired to revisit the show and attempt to align it more with the ambiance of the games visually, textually, and audibly. That's mainly where the time went. However, it's fantastic fun dealing with Alex and John from Tiny Build on this. They are extremely open collaborators!

: For Sky & Luna -- was it kind of natural that a business called Individuals of Culture would partner with Guy of Action?

: With Sonic Prime, what was the mission declaration going in? There are a great deal of various handles the character out there.

: Was this something you all sort of fell in love with, or did you have to encourage someone No, putting it inside the game would absolutely work?

Sega has really dedicated developers keeping track of the tradition of Sonic, they keep us on point in that regard. It's both making and keeping the essence up something new.

: The fandom for Sonic is exceptionally enthusiastic. Are you men seeing social media for reactions, or attempting to keep your head down and get the work done?

: That's a brand-new IP without the backing that Sonic and even Hello Neighbor have. Certainly Man of Action has had fantastic luck producing new stuff from scratch, however how are the difficulties different when you're doing that, versus when you're dealing with an existing home and its owners?

Rousseau: We existed the opportunity through our buddies at Production Station-- Omar Safe and his service partner Dillon Gimme. They had the initial talks with inbuilt and started establishing the project with them. When they shared it to us, we were delighted because the story and content was really different from the other IP we had actually worked on and the desire to tell something that was terrifying attracted us. We so ecstatic to be part of this and people must inspect it out, since it's actually great.


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