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Juventus Turin Submits Objection to 15-Point Deduction Following Fake Financial Reports

After the 15-point deduction due to phony financial reports, the Italian record champions Juventus Turin sent an objection to the Supreme Sports Court of the Italian Olympic Committee Coin on Monday. The club revealed this after the publication of the judgment on Monday. According to the association, this is not conclusive in all points, it was desired to continue, it stated. The club hopes that the CONE will return the case to re-exam to the courts of the Fig Football Association which the point deduction will be raised afterwards. June had actually been punished because the judges saw it as proven that the association had glossed over the club balance sheets through fictional market price of its players. The record champ rejects this. Articles and videos on the subject Cofferdam fetches previous BVB star 120 million deals? What else might occur to the Due date Day All games of the Africa Cup are readily available live at Juventus likewise threatens issues fro